Leadtek S320 II TNT2 Ultra and Asus V3800
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Thread: Leadtek S320 II TNT2 Ultra and Asus V3800

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    Leadtek S320 II TNT2 Ultra and Asus V3800

    These two cards fall in price between the CL and the Diamond cards. Also I haven't heard much about them here. Anyone got an experience with them. Should I just spend 20 or 30 dollars and get the Diamond. Although the Video in.out and TV out on the Asus would be nice to try.


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    using the new 1.91 drivers (dated 7/7/99) i was able to capture from my VCR at 25 fps,(0 frames dropped) 704 X 576 PAL onto a Quantum KA 9.1Gb hard disk (8.5 ms seek time, 7200 rpm, DMA enabled); i think the gnomes of Taipei have finally released a good set of drivers for this card

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