Do you have an opinion on which car manufacture is better? Do you think Ford or Chevy will crush one or the other for supreme dominace of American Cars?

If you think this argument are moronic, then just sub in the words TNT2 and V3 for Ford and Chevy, and sub computers for american car. Why do we fight over what brand of card is better? Who cares about which is better. I plead that we sit aside our personal bias for certain cards, and just give the facts not childish remarks like that's a lousy card or that card sucks. Just for the record I don't see either card getting complete domance over the other, because if two companies or more fight for comsuners bucks that means they have to come out with better products. I would not want to live in a one card world cause that would just suck.

I have ranted till I can't rant no more.