I have PIII 450(OC 580) 128ram
CL riva TNT

I wanted to get Voodoo3000 because of it's speed but many of my friends questioned me for its poor graphic compare to TNT2U.
OK, so v3 has smaller texture and only 16bit randering.
We argued for an hour on this...

I said, how many games of today or in this year, uses 32bit randering?
Can anyone tell a difference between 32bit and 16bit with naked eye?

Friends said, but more and more games will use 32bit randering in near future and they'll look much better !!

I said, in near future, there will be better cards, so why wasted extra $100 bucks(canadian) when there will be much faster cards by the time games really take advantage of 32bit randering and large texture. I'll probably get the next new card when it comes out so why am I spending more momey on TNT2U? Q3A in 32bit? wooo....

So I have made a conclusion that I will buy Voodoo3000 for now and when games really take advantage of 32 bit randering, I will buy new card. (napalm or NV what?)

Anyone agress with my choice or am I making big mistake?