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Thread: Quake2 benchmarks

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    Is there any way to benchmark the attained base rate?

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    Its true that we cannot see past around 30-40fps (some people around 25-30) but we can discern differences in frame rates up to alot higher amount.

    Here is a good one, if you are running Quake2 and have a fairly fast video card capable of displaying around 60 or higher FPS in a resolution... start a quick game of multiplayer: type in the following at the console: (~)key:
    set deathmatch 1
    set cl_maxfps 90
    map base1

    Now, run around the level for a while and take a look at how it renders, paying close attention to everything. Now bring up the console by hitting the (~) key, type in the following:
    cl_maxfps 30

    Now hit the ~ key again to shut down the console and go running around the level. You should see a significant difference in how the game renders. It will probably feel like stop motion compared to 60fps. Also, try settings such as 40 and 50 to see how far up you can actually see a difference in rendering. I can discern a difference up to about 50fps or so, sometimes higher.

    I think that is why 3dfx made 60fps the magical 32bit number. If a card is not capable of rendering 32bit at 60+fps, they didnt want to make it, which is pretty much why the Voodoo3 doesnt do 32bit (besides the fact that releasing with 32bit would have delayed the release date by probably a few months). This is from the origional press releases regarding the Voodoo3 (back in January).

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