CollinJ, please help with another simple (I think) question.
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Thread: CollinJ, please help with another simple (I think) question.

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    CollinJ, please help with another simple (I think) question.

    OK, I either want to get a P3 450 or a celeron 466. But, the thing that concerns me is that dastardly 66mhz bus. How big a difference does it make? I would of thought quite a lot. The reason I am hesitant about buying a P3 is the fact that there is hardly any improvement over the p2, and I would therefore feel ripped off. Could you point me in the direction of some CE 466 vs. P2/P3 450 benchmarks perhaps, as I can't seem to find any. Or just give me your opinion.

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    There's a bunch of benchmarks floating around this discussion board. SysoftSandra99 in the cpu forum, Seti@home in general forum. Just look in the cpu forum and go throught the old threads, you will find a good bit.


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    Toms Hardware has a good roundup of CPU's on their site. Comparisons between many of them.

    I would recommend saving a little money and getting a Celeron, unless you run Windows NT with alot of server applications or high end apps. If you only plan on doing you basic word processing, internet, gaming, e-mail and such, a Celeron is plenty powerful enough.

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