Video Card for Plll 550
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Thread: Video Card for Plll 550

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    Video Card for Plll 550

    hi guys,
    i'm getting a PIII 550 and an Abit BE6 mobo,
    but i just can't decide which video card i should get. I'm thinking of getting the Creative Lab TNT2 Ultra or the ATI Rage Fury.
    Or should i consider the Viper770 Ultra???
    can u ppl plase give me a hand here????

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    Well either of those TNT2 Ultras will blow the Doors of that ATI that is for sure. Honestly I would go for the Hercules Ultra, comes clocked at 175/200. Cost is a little high, but scales very nicely with CPU performance as well. The ATI's are nice, dont get me wrong, but that Hercules is Dynamite (pun intended)

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    I'll be purchasing a Maxi Gamer Xentor 32, 32MB, AGP 4x, Riva TNT2 Ultra from Guillemot. Heard alot of great things about it. Cost is about 200 +s/h
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    The regular TNT2 32m seems to be about $160-190 range depending on manufacturer. The ultra seems about $220 and up. Not sure the main differences between reg and ultra, as I don't have agp but except for Herc. which o/c's the chip, the rest are all very similar.
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    Splatt~ The Xentor 32 runs 175/183 mhz which is the same core speed as the Herc, but slower memory speed. The rest of the Ultra TNT-2's run 150/183.
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