Hi, I've got an Acer Aspire 1831 computer. It has on its motherboard an ATI Rage II+ chip with 2Mb of video RAM. It is god-awful slow and only supports a few resolutions. I've got a ATI All-In-Wonder Pro PCI video card and would like to use this instead. I installed the PCI card, connected my monitor to it and booted up my machine. There was no display. I connected my monitor back to the on-board video card port and it worked there. I tried to disabled the on-board video card in Windows 95 Device Manager but still no display when I connected the monitor to my PCI card and rebooted. Is there a way around this ? Please help me as I'm very anxious about using my PCI video card as it far superior to my on-board one. Also, my on-board one can not be disabled on the motherboard, so I must do it in Windows 95 (the OS I'm using). Help !?