Off Topic.... Internet Gambling?!?
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Thread: Off Topic.... Internet Gambling?!?

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    Off Topic.... Internet Gambling?!?

    I would like to know if anyone have ever tried internet gambling? If u have can u please give me a reliable site?

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    ...a topic like this should be posted in the General forum, if anywhere.

    Collin J
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    Sometimes I wonder...

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    Dont gamble on the internet. How do you know the machines that online gambling sites use arent rigged?

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    This question is off topic, we dont discuss anything that has nothing to do with video card/system. so go post somewhere else and stop being lame!

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    We don't have to be so strict. We're talking about the 4th of July and Canada Day in the cpu forum, so chill.

    To answer the question though , you're just going to have to do some searches. I wanted to lay some dough down on the Vikings to win the Superbowl last year at the beginning of the season (they should have). The odds were way less two weeks in, but I wouldn't have won anyway (Close!!!). Just run some searches on whatever engines you like.

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