TNT2 Ultra worst card for EA games
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Thread: TNT2 Ultra worst card for EA games

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    TNT2 Ultra worst card for EA games

    I play several EA games, and I've owned multiple TNT2 Ultra cards, none of which can play the games better then a wimpy Matrox G200. Diamond, Nvidia, Guillemott (The worst offendor) all keep quite about this. The Guillemot card was by far the worst of the Ultra cards I've tried... And the worst support, they must have replied three times telling me to update my drivers to 1.88 after I already told them I did.

    - DJ

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    My Xentor 32 is fine. Guillemot's support was fine for me as well.

    Strange. Maybe something else in your system is the culprit, very good chance of that.

    Collin J
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    Sometimes I wonder...

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