I got this Diamond viper v550 tnt PCI card
and it acting up a bit

Every time I try to set screen settings to (I tried 1024 and 800 in 32) 32 bit it blanks out and I have to reboot and set it to vga to get it back up. I havent tried 16 bit or anything else but 32 but it did work before
I just reinstalled
windows and moved the card so it gets more airflow (its a pci ****)
and I also switched the fans took the supplied one off and put a 486 cpu fan on insted so My guess is that I need better drivers but the problem is Diamond doesnt do such a good job there
anyone heard off this problem before and maybe got a solution

I also failed to mention that it did work briefly at first but suddenly the screen winked out and I stuck and its rather boring to watch a 19" in 640 *480 in VGA

much abliged

Every time something fails look at it as an opportunity to learn more

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