Looking before I leap......
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Thread: Looking before I leap......

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    Looking before I leap......

    Hey, I just got a Viper V770 and am loving it, but I did not anticipate the reliance of many games strictly on 3dfx i.e. Unreal, Outlaws (don't laugh, I'm an adict) etc. My question: is it wise, if even possible to have both my old Voodoo2 and my v770 ultra in. And use the Voodoo2 only when absolutly necessary? Thanx for any ideas, questions, comments, theological views, or irrelivant references to cheese.
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    It should run fine, im not positive, but i think because the v2 is just an accelerator it should work.

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    yep your exactly right, it will work just fine. Make sure and grab powerstrip, cause sometimes games will use your voodoo when you dont want for direct3d, powerstrip can set your TNT to direct3d and not your voodoo2. Glide games will only use your voodoo, cause the TNT doesnt support it.

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