Finally broke down and got myself one of these babies. It seems to work great on most of the games I've tried so far. I was wondering if any of you have used it for NHL99. There's a Voodoo3 support patch for the game and I installed it. However, the game still freezes randomly. Sometimes, before the start of a game, it would flash from dark to really bright. Anyone know what the problem could be? Should I set my desktop resolution to 800X600? Would that have any effect - It's currently at 1024X768.

Also, what are those 3dfx tweaks in 'Display Properties/Settings/Advanced' for? It has options to select for desktop, directdraw/direct3d, and glide. Can someone explain that to me? I left it on desktop mode.

Much appreciated. Thanks.

Running: AMD K6/2-350 on 64MB SDRAM
hooked on fonics

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