Herc TNT2 ultra owners!!!
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Thread: Herc TNT2 ultra owners!!!

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    Herc TNT2 ultra owners!!!

    Who has had success at overclocking their Herc TNT2 ultra w/ the Hercumeter? What have you gotten it to run stable at? I'm curious because I am very disappointed in mine. The only reason I bought the Herc over the Guillemot or any other was because of it's bragged about overclockability. It comes at a default of 175/200. I first just bumped it up to 185/210 and played HereticII. Boom, it locked up in about 20sec. I tried again with Star Wars racer. Same thing. I went back and took the card down to 180/205(just 5 increments each over default) and played again. Boom, locked up again. So I can't overclock mine one damn bit and in addition to the stock heatsink/fan, I have a cardcooler running on top of it. This is on a PIII 500 with 256megs. While 175/200 isn't shabby, the reason I bought this card(overclocking)is useless. I think no doubt, Herc. sent out souped up cards to reviewers which were not indicative of what the end users would be buying. I was also using the bug free 1.88 drivers(or were they?) Needless to say I am disappointed. Does anyone else have any thoughts.

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    First off, you are going about your overclocking all wrong. Dont do both the core and memory speed at the same time, start off with one, get it up as high as it will go stable, then start with the other.

    Its a long process if you want to do it right, but it should reward you with a card that is tweaked to run at the fastest setting possible for it.

    I have a Xentor 32, and so far, the most stable setting I have found is not a heck of alot over the default. (175/183 running 178/190).

    Your card may have its memory maxed out already, but the core may be able to go higher. Try each one individually, and in smaller increments (2 mhz or so), until you get it the fastest it will go.
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