So, the results?
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Thread: So, the results?

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    Jun 1999

    So, the results?

    Wow, I have read through all the threads about the Quake2 benchmarks (70 something posts!) and it tired me because I've never played Quake before... and the demo and crusher thing doesn't make sense to me, hehe...

    Well, I am about to purchase a new system and was wondering what the FINAL result is for graphics/gameplay for both the TNT2 and the Voodoo3 3K.

    i have the following choices:
    Voodoo3 3000
    (in order of price [cheap to expensive])

    I know that the TNT2 is supposed to have better benchmarks and etc... but is it worth the extra $bucks$?

    With my new computer* I will be using Adobe Photoshop, Bryce, 3dStudioMax, and hopefully finally playing the all-famous Quake2...

    So, whats your recommendation?

    *the computer will be:
    Dell Dimension XPS T500


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    Jun 1999
    also, do any of you know where I can purchase either a 17" or 21" quality monitor for a cheap price?

    any suggestions?

    thanks again,

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    ankerson Guest
    You are going to want the TNT-2 card for your system, with the apps you are running, and playing games the TNT-2 is the best choice.
    The V3 is a good card, but for image quality and speed go with the TNT2.

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