Okay this post is for everyone with graphics card that wants us to see how it performs. I give my regards to tekken2 for being yelled at by a lot of people, and the unfortunate lack of TNT2 posts in his folder. Enough yelling and screaming, if there is one complaint ANYMORE about what is better and what is worse in this post, I'll get the moderator in here to straigten things out. I want everyone to post what kind of scores they get with different games with their cards. Especially anyone with a new card such as TNT2 Ultra, Permedia3 when it comes out, and the g400 and all the rest, I have some friends getting together to bench a lot of games, cause we have about all the ones that make for good benching, plus we have many different cards, v2's, v3's, TNT, ati rage, viper 330, etc. So post em up and let us see whats up with your card. AND ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINING!!! GOT IT???