GB exxtreme: 16 color only
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Thread: GB exxtreme: 16 color only

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    GB exxtreme: 16 color only

    I am putting together a computer. When I try to set this creative labs graphics blaster exxtreme-based video to go higher than 16 color, it will not go! On restart, Win98 has to go into safe mode. At 16 color, it works fine and there are no reported conflicts.

    Motherboard is matsonic ms6260s; amd k6-2 333 mhz processor; also floppy harddrive, modem, cdromdrive. Please give suggestions.

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    I had built a system for a friend real cheap and put one of those things in. P233mmx on a TMC super 7 MB. That card is the biggest POS I ever saw. I think I have him talked into another card, hope he does it, can't wait to smash that thing.
    That card is not a high end card, my old S3 virge is better than that, 32bit and all.
    Ok, No there is nothing you can do that I know of but replacing the card with something the next step up.
    A Diamond Speedstar would be a good choice, still cheap, or a Banshee card.

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    goto download the newest drivers for it premidia 2 chipset see if that helps

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    I have the exact same card, dont use it anymore cause I bought a v3 2000 but; Did you install the drivers from the cd that came with it? If you did that never works right. Go into your control panel, system, device manager, and display adapters; Remove the card, it will ask you to restart, say yes. When it gets back to windows it will automatically install it, restart again and everything should be good. I have had to do this numerous times when I used it before. If this doesnt work, its shot, get a v3 2000 cheapest and best for the money.

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