Is there an inexpensive way to upgrade ram in a M G200 to 16MB
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Thread: Is there an inexpensive way to upgrade ram in a M G200 to 16MB

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    Is there an inexpensive way to upgrade ram in a M G200 to 16MB

    Is there an inexpensive way to upgrade ram in a Matrox Millenium G200 to 16MB?

    I have one and would prefer not to pay the $59. (

    Is this sgram proprietary??

    Is it worth it? Would it give me something ridiculoso like a 5% performance increase?

    I also have two 8mb Voodoo2 cards (Monster II). Where is my bottleneck?

    What's up?

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    It's worth the upgrade, but no, Matrox memory is very difficult to find. You usually have to go through the company directly to get it. I've dealt with matrox in the past and they have specifications that their cards require. Look in your local phone book and contact local retailers and see how hard it is too find some, who knows you may get lucky.ô¿ô
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    You did not clarify your ‘bottleneck’....
    When a 3D app is running the G200 should be out of the picture...
    The twin Voodoos ought to handle most of your 3D apps in
    a very respectable manner. You have to make sure the application
    in question is using the Voodoos...

    I don’t see adding memory to the G200 as an upgrade path..
    It is a decent 2D card, but I would save my upgrade bucks till
    I could go for a TNT (Viper550) to work with the Voodoo2
    or a Voodoo3 or TNT2 which would eleminate the need
    for the twin Voodoos...

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    I do get the feeling that graphic card memory upgrades are much like laptop memory upgrades. Either there is little demand or little supply and all their economic implications.

    I will call around. I just checked CDW, they have the SDRAM for $2 less then Matrox's company web site. If they even carry the SGRAM, it is probably $2 less.

    I will stick with what I have, unless I can pick something up cheap.

    I did not know that the 2d card is pretty much out of the picture when doing 3d apps. I thought it was more pass through dependent. Well there is a jumper cable between the two .

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