Permedia 3 vs. The Rest of the 3dVW??
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Thread: Permedia 3 vs. The Rest of the 3dVW??

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    Permedia 3 vs. The Rest of the 3dVW??

    Looking for a 3D card which can handle 2D/3D design applications e.g. 3D Studio, CAD, Photoshop well, and do a decent job at gaming. But don't wish to throw too much money away by getting a 3DLabs high-end card.
    Any suggestions??
    Does anybody know how 3dLab's Permedia3 stacks up to the TNT2s, V3s, G400s etc??
    Any benchmarks & comparative reviews available out there?

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    You can get one of them Oxygen VX1 cards from 3dlabs. They have impressive 3d performance in both games and professional apps. Plus, theyre only $250 on pricewatch (saw one for $187, probably a misprint...)

    As for Permedia 3, I think its a looks like no higher performance than their Oxygen VX1, for about the same price.

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    I just got a new rig at work with aan Oxygen VX1, and am looking into a Permedia 3 for a new home machine. The vx1 is sweet, but very much aimed at 3d modeling. the permedia 3 is going to be a much more well rounded card. No telling, so I'll wai and let a few other people buy it first.
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