ati xpert@play on amd k-6III
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Thread: ati [email protected] on amd k-6III

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    ati [email protected] on amd k-6III

    how would an ati [email protected] agp with 8 mb work with the ali v chipset and an amd k-6 III 450?

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    Sorry to say, but all ATI cards suck. they are the slowest cards on the market, if you want a lower end 3d card with some power get a Voodoo2.

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    If you are in the market for a cheap 8mb 2D/3D card I would recommend the Intel I740. The picassio version of this card (kind of a no name brand) really does a amazing job on 3D gaming.
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    I have AMD II 350 [email protected] 400. with 8MB ATI EXPERT 98. I agree that it is not very fast and I experience some incompatibility with some applications....... 3D mark 99 max won't run on my computer......

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    Tim Lee:

    What driver version are you using with ATI Xpert 98? Is it 2560? If not, you need to update it.


    I have ALI V chipset with latest version 1.60 and I have no problem with ATI Xpert 98 AGP.

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