How far overclocking the Voodoo 2 without cooling?
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Thread: How far overclocking the Voodoo 2 without cooling?

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    How far overclocking the Voodoo 2 without cooling?

    I want to know exactly what the topic is. My Diamond Monster 3D 2 allows up to 95 MHz by driver. This should mean that it will run stable at 95 MHz without cooling and it will not be hardwaredestructive, doesnt it?
    At the moment i have it at 93 MHz , and the step from 92 to 93 gave me a performance increasement of about 8-10 fps on a K6 2 350 MHz. How far can I go WITH cooling, active/passive? I could overclock my old Voodoo 1 from default 50 to 58 MHz without cooling, I have the case always open...


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    I have an 8MB CL Voodoo2 clocked at 98MHz. The CL driver (not that latest one with the 512X512 textures) has a nice little slider which allows you to run it up to 102MHz. So if you can get your card to run with the CL drivers, that would be a nice little option. I've run my card at 102MHz before, but didn't get much of an appreciable performance boost. Plus, I had to use a fan to cool it or it would heat up after an hour or so. But at 98MHz, mine runs fine without any cooling (I also leave the case off). Good luck.
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