What should I get ? Voodoo2 or Banshee or TNT card?
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Thread: What should I get ? Voodoo2 or Banshee or TNT card?

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    What should I get ? Voodoo2 or Banshee or TNT card?

    I have AMD II 350 @ 400MHZ with ATI 8MB EXPERT video card. I REALLY NEED TO UPGRADE TO get a faster graphics. My 8 megger is fine except that it slows down when played games like Expendable. I need a better speed. Anyone has any suggestion? What is difference between Voodoo2 and Banshee? I want to get Voodoo3 but it is incompatible with COMPAQ computer with ATI video card on board. It can not be disabled by BIOS...... compaq sucks......!


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    I'd go with the VooDoo 2 for now...you'll see a good difference ...if possible do the dual VooDoo2 SLI...Creative Labs is selling refurbished cards for $50.00 each...if they're in stock...

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    Hey ur right about one thing compaq does Suck!!!!! but are you sure it doesnt disable it self when u install the v3 b/c my friend had a sis in his mobo but it disabled itself when i installed it for him but if it doesnt then ya get 2 v2's in sli mode thats powerful!
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