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    Video Adapter

    I have a M598 motherboard. It has a built-in AGP video adapter. I have a NEC XV17 monitor. How do i change my display setting to 16,24,32-bit color? I have tried deleting the monitor and restarting the computer. I reload the hardware(mon), but the only choices it gives me are 2 adn 16 colors. It came with some kind of monitoring system. Is there something i'm doing wrong? If I had a card then i'd probably be ok. Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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    hello, i'm not sure about your specific combo, but are you right-clicking the desktop, going to properties, settings, and then color settings? i'm not sure, and i don't know what you're checking, but this is how you do it. good luck man. later lava ;-j
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