Heatsink and fan combo for V3 3000
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Thread: Heatsink and fan combo for V3 3000

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    Heatsink and fan combo for V3 3000

    Can anyone reccomend a good heatsink and fan combo for a voodoo3 3000. I am currently running it with an AMD-K6-2 350 @400. The factory heatsink is extremely hot to the touch and I would like to try to bring the temperature down a bit. Any suggestions? Thanx.
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    what do you mean by heatsink and fan combo?
    just take a fan and put it somewhere to cool it down. I have the same card, and same cpu but not overclocked, but very little room on my super 7 motherboard. I took my chassis fan and put it directly behind the v3 so that it gets cold from the back and goes through. This might not be as good as a fan on the heatsink, but i had no room as my ethernet card is in the adjacent pci slot.

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    I put a celeron fan right on top of the V3 heatsink which cools it down considerably. It's a small and cheap but it works wonders. Like joeb said though, you will lose the 1st pci slot doing this. Another alternative is the Tennmax stealth cooler made specifically for the V3 which may save you that slot. Also, AAVID makes some very high quality heatsink and fan combos that you can check out.

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