TNT2 and Voodoo3 suck
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Thread: TNT2 and Voodoo3 suck

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    Jeffy79 Guest

    TNT2 and Voodoo3 suck

    Ahaa got your attention. Actually both cards are quite powerfull and as the tnt2 is showing its true colors with the new drivers (wow). Well here is what I have to say.

    I have a question. do we need all this power? I have a tnt card and guess what? I can run any game out there without a skip. I have no overclocked hardware. The visuals that are out there are fine its not that so much its the objects in games that need work. They need to be round not square. In all games the objects are square unless its a video. The visuals as i said are fine. I bought a game called Wargasm and its damn cool. It is actually a game that would be good for multiplayer. Visuals are incredible and its in a huge outdoor enviornment. Not one beat skipped and it wasn't a bad price (19.99). Well all we don't need all this power yet. When someone can prove and show me where we need tons of power do it.


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    ankerson Guest
    Ditto, The only reason that I buy the new stuff is to test it and keep up with the market. I build machines so I have to know what is good and what sucks.

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    No way do we need this power. I also had a TNT on a celeron 464 and never found a game that would bring it to its heels. I should have waited for that to happen before upgrading my vid cards. Like ankerson said, it's really market driven. There's nothing out there that takes advantage of this hardware (aside from you auto cad folks who could justify workstation class cards). It comes down to bragging rights I suppose, for the companies and the consumer.

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