IBM Aptiva E3N Motherboard Defaults
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Thread: IBM Aptiva E3N Motherboard Defaults

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    Exclamation IBM Aptiva E3N Motherboard Defaults

    I just found a ibm aptiva e3n that is complete but without any of the packaging or extra things. I opened it up and found that it was very dusty and dis-organized. So I organized all of the components in it but when I plugged it in it didn't boot up or display anything so I went back in and decided to change a few settings on the motherboard and I did but I also had t unplug the cables for the front to unscrew the motherboard completely and when I did put everything back into it I found that it wouldn't power on at all anymore. How can I fix this and what were the default settings for all of the motherboard settings?

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    Did you search high and low for a manual for the machine?

    There is probably more to the model number... And a quick look around, I think it's possible that the machine is so old that it came with Windows 98. If so, I'd toss it out.

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    But my work for right now is that I want it to work and use windows 98 but I cannot power it on for some reason and no I cannot find a manual that tells me what to do for the motheboard but I dont know where I would find that

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