Hello everyone,

I have been out of the computer game for a very long time now and no longer know what's better. However, I am in need of a new computer and I would like some good advice. I have been very successful here getting good pointers and am hoping for the same.

So, my current computer (the one I'm using now) is about 6 years old. I've got an Intel i7 3820, Asus P9X79 Deluse, 64GB DDR3 and two 480GB Corsair Force 3 SATA SSD's. It still works very well but I do believe it is time for a proper upgrade.

I already know what processor and motherboard to use but I am bit confused as to the storage options. I'd like to know what runs faster in terms of transfer speeds: M.2 SATA (the one that looks like a RAM Stick) or, should I use the SSD Drive that plugs into the PCI-E slot.

Are their any pros and cons to either of these options?

I definitely want a Mini-ITX case for a small PC.

Additionally, for Videocards, can the on-board video controller of an Asus ROG Strix Z370 handle 4K resolutions or must I get a separate videocard.

The answers and comments you guys put will help me determine how many PCI-E slots I will need before I finalize my choice.

Thank you, one and all.