Where's the All-in-Wonder 128 AGP 16MB?
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Thread: Where's the All-in-Wonder 128 AGP 16MB?

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    May 1999

    Where's the All-in-Wonder 128 AGP 16MB?

    Anybody hear of the availability of this product? Have been waiting. ATI says it shipped to all its channels last week. Sellers say still backordered. Anyone know?

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    Jun 1999
    still in to ati my friend? for games? or you want to watch tv or something. I've heard of the all in wonder pro, but not the 128. What chipset, rage 128? nope, i have no idea, infact, what the hell am i here for??!?!

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    (no offense.....alright, just a little)

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    The AIW 128 is out. I saw one at Compusa yesterday. They wanted 249.00 with a 30.00 rebate. Kind of expensive though.
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    Where is ALL THE WONDER in the 128?? HUH???
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