QDI P5I430VX 250DM Turbo Switch?
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Thread: QDI P5I430VX 250DM Turbo Switch?

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    Question QDI P5I430VX 250DM Turbo Switch?

    I have a QDI P5I430VX 250DM Explorer II SpeedStep motherboard with a 233MHz Pentium MMX processor and 128Mb EDO RAM. On it there's a connector for a Turbo LED but there's no connector for a Turbo switch and no instructions in the manual on how to activate turbo mode. I've looked through the BIOS (3.5S, the latest) and don't see any way to activate a turbo mode. I'm stumped. Can anyone tell me exactly what this turbo mode is and how to activate it? The only manual I have is for the non-SpeedStep version. If you have a manual specific to the SpeedStep motherboard, I'd appreciate a copy!


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    I think this just fed an aesthetically pleasing led display to be honest, no use in real life.
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