Setting date and time on Solaris 2.6
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Thread: Setting date and time on Solaris 2.6

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    Setting date and time on Solaris 2.6

    Synopsis: Setting date and time to month:MM day:29 23:59:59 causes system
    date failure (it becomes month MM+1) day:1 0:00:00 after 1 second)
    on the machine whose RTC (Real Time Clock) is ALI M5819.
    OS : Solaris 2.6 x86
    Machine: one with ALI M5819

    # date 06292359.59 # date and time set to Jun 29 23:59:59
    Fri Jun 29 23:59:59 JST 2001
    (1 second later)
    # date
    Sun Jul 1 0:00:00 JST 2001

    In Data Sheet of ALI M5819, the following description exists:

    Likewise, the time must be set at least two seconds before the end of
    the 29th or 30th day of the month.

    So I believe the system date failure is related to this specification or
    limitation of M5819.

    Thanks in advance.



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    This is probably a desperate attempt considering this thread is from 2001 but you're the only one who mentions to possess the datasheet for the ALI M5819, if you still do please reply.
    Help me Senthilkumar you're my only hope!


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