Relationship between membrane keyboard prices & quality
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Thread: Relationship between membrane keyboard prices & quality

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    Relationship between membrane keyboard prices & quality

    I am partial to Logitech keyboards, as a typist and not a gamer, so I don't use mechanical keyboards (yet). I was wondering what makes one membrane keyboard cost $30 and another $60+? As an example, I am now using a Logitech K270 (a decent keyboard but not unified USB), and looking for another Logitech like the K750. What's in the K750 that makes it more than double the price?

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    SpywareDr, thanks for taking the trouble to reply and provide some interesting links. After searching for more info on the two keybooards, I came to realize that there is nothing inside the keyboard components that are different, aside from the fact that the K750 is a solar powered keyboard. I asked the question to maximize the value of my purchases, because I have several keyboards (MS and Logitech) and always on the lookout for more, because I am not a very gentle typist.

    The K270 is an excellent basic wireless keyboard, however, there is a problem with the specs. It is advertised as a Unifiable product, but it seems that Logitech may have released this product in two different versions using the same product number, (Y-R042).

    For the benefit of other readers of this Forum, it seems that one model is Unifiable and the other is not. I have the exact problem as written in the forum link here, and Logitech is mum about the issue:

    The mouse is model M501, but unfortunately, I bought the keyboard which cannot be unified and the recommended tools cannot fix the problem. So, it is buyers beware.

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