I can't run Viper racing, it will lock up. Nascar, Sin , Quake2, Quake, Need for speed3, and Unreal all seem to work fine. Also with real audio i cant watch it in full screen like i did before. I tried to reinstall Viper racing but no luck. I haven't tried to reinstall real audio though.
Could it be possible that all the drivers from my previous cards (Stealth 3000 and Voodoo Graphics) might still be there? Then sometimes it will freak and my resolutions will jump to like 640x480 or it looks even lower than that. If it could be some old drivers where could i find them to remove um?
Oh, by the way Viper Racing does not even start, screen goes black and and my monitor crackels a little and thats it. Then when i restart it locks then i reset it then go through scan disk.
[email protected]
pc100 128mb
Any suggestions?

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