"If you buy a Voodoo 3, you should use a K6-processor?"
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Thread: "If you buy a Voodoo 3, you should use a K6-processor?"

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    "If you buy a Voodoo 3, you should use a K6-processor?"


    Is this statement true? I've heard Voodoo cards run optimal with K6 3D-now instructions (compared to Intell)? (and that TNT-2 runs better with Intell)
    So if I buy Voodoo 3, I should buy a K6 (in stead of Intell in of same price).
    Oh... one more thing... Is K6-3 better then K
    -2 and/or PII? (with Voodoo 3 again)


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    Quite the opposite. I have heard that Voodoo 3's have very poor 3D-Now! support but that dosn't mean that you should go Intel. Voodoo 3's will not run any better on a P2, P3, Celery, or AMD chip. Still, I would reccommend getting a AMD. They rock and are about 1/2 the price. With a Voodoo 3, and AMD, and a 3D-Now! game your system will scream.
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    Not true.
    Generally speaking, a TNT-2 needs a powerful CPU, something like a p2-350-400 or more. WHereas a V3 is less CPU dependant and therfore will perform better on less powerful CPU's. A v3 will have better framerates on lower CPU's than a TNT-2. Doesn't matter if that is AMD or Intel.
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