External HDs chkdsk speeds
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Thread: External HDs chkdsk speeds

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    External HDs chkdsk speeds

    I have two 500 GB external mobile HDs. Doing a chkdsk D: /f /r on them is quite a difference in speed. One takes over an hour and a half and the other takes about 10 minutes or less. How can they be that difference in speed if doing the same program and the same size HD? Both the same type of drive, both USB external. The faster one is a Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 and the slower one says in the Device Manager: Kaira External USB3.

    The Kaira's specs says this: The Calmee Zeus use the MKxx59GSXP Toshiba who supports the demand for high capacity extremely compact mobile storage. The 2.5-inch HDD is the world’s first drive capable of delivering up to 500GB of storage capacity in a two-platter design.

    Does it have something to do with the USB3? I just did the Hitachi again in the command prompt and again about 10 minutes. This doesn't seem right. 10 minutes?

    They claim to be 5400 RPM.
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