hi folks, been a long time since i posted here..

my hptc is getting pretty long in the tooth, needs a rebuild and could do with some hardware upgrades mainly because the fans are getting old and noisy!

current specs are

Asus matx socket am2+ motherboad - not sure of the model
2gb ddr2 800mhz
athlon II 250
Pallit geforce gts 450 1gb ddr3

it was built to run media centre and play blu rays with occasional gaming - mostly tomb raider

i'm thinking of upgrading to

asus a88xm - a
8gb kingston hyper x 8gb 2400mhx

i'm guessing overall it will be about the same spec as existing system whilst i wait for kaveri a8-7600 to become available but with a lot less powerdraw

would welcome any comments or alternative build suggestions inc intel i3 recommendations - need some help here, my last intel chip was a dx2-50!