How to find out if computer is x32 or x64?
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Thread: How to find out if computer is x32 or x64?

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    How to find out if computer is x32 or x64?

    I am planning to put Windows 7 on a computer. My understanding is that there is Windows 7 for x32 computers and x64 computers. Do you guys know how I can tell if a computer is x32 or x64? Thanks.

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    So you're asking if the CPU is capable of running a 64-bit OS?

    First you need to find what CPU you have. You can try looking in Device Manager or use an app like this:

    Then you can look up the cpu specs here:

    It also depends on how much ram you have. If you have more than 4GB, you'd need to install a 64-bit OS to access it all.

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    You might also try checking the BIOS to see if the CPU model is listed.
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