I have one of those power strips that you can put your monitor on. A big flat square with 6 buttons on the front. One for power and the other for Monitor, computer, printer, aux, etc. They all light up orange when the power switch is on or whatever switch is pushed on. The power switch is red lite.

When I am done shutting down the computer I hit the main red lite power button on this device to shut off the monitor, printer, computer and my cell phone charger in the aux slot. All chords plugin from the back of course. In the morning I come in and hit the red switch to get ready to start the computer. When this happens the lights on the computer front come on and flicker and so does a fan. This happens for about 3 seconds and stops. The computer does not come on though until I hit the power switch.

So why does hitting the red switch give my tower a small power surge to make the lights waver? I guess this means that there is always some power going into the computer and monitor as long as the red switch is on no matter if the computer and monitor is on or not.

Is this right that this does this surge?

I just checked my other two power surge strips and they do the same thing.