Windows 7 OS and video memory requirements
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Thread: Windows 7 OS and video memory requirements

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    Windows 7 OS and video memory requirements

    Without listening to all these Google answers that I have researched what is a good requirement for video memory on my computer for Windows 7?

    This is what my video adapter says right now.

    Total available graphics memory: 256MB - (why does this say graphics?)
    Dedicated video memory: 0MB - (and this says video memory?)
    System video memory: 64MB - (is this the actual memory on the built in card/chip?)
    Shared system memory: 192MB - (I have 4 GB of memory so this is what's taken from the 4GB?)

    Note: I thought that dedicated video memory was built onto the video card itself.

    I downloaded CPU-Z and it says that my graphic memory is 384MB. This can't be what's built into the video card.

    I ran dxdiag and it says 256 MB.
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