Trying to upgrade RAM for a computer
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Thread: Trying to upgrade RAM for a computer

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    Trying to upgrade RAM for a computer

    I am trying to upgrade RAM for a computer:

    Based on an article from CNET, here are the specs the RAM on this computer (eMachines T3304):

    Installed Size 256.0 MB/2.0 GB (max)
    Technology DDR SDRAM
    Memory Speed 400 MHz
    Memory Specification Compliance PC3200
    Form Factor DIMM 184-pin
    Upgrade Rule Max 1 x2 GB module

    Here are two RAM that are listed on ebay:
    1. Dell 1GB DDR RAM PC3200 400MHz 184-Pin NON-ECC Mem, DIMM.
    2. Corsair, DDR2 SDRAM, DIMM, 184, PC2-3200 (DDR2-400), 400MHz, CAS Latency 3 ECC Support non-ECC

    Do you guys/girls know if any of these two rams will with fit the computer? The 1st one has "NON-ECC Mem" which is not mentioned on the specs of the computer and the 2nd one has "DDR2, CAS Latency 3 ECC Support non-ECC" which is not listed on the specs of the computer neither.



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    That machine appears to take DDR, not DDR2.

    Here is a link to the Crucial configurator describing the RAM it recommends, and it may be a help to you.

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    Corsair RAM have great compatibility than Dell RAM.
    ECC just the error check feature.

    I would suggest confirm with seller in advanced to double check.

    Hope this helps,

    Tech manager, Wptinc

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