I have this Computer that contains an Abit NF7 Motherboard with an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU. The computer was working fine, but I removed the power chord and when I tried turning it back on, the bios were not saved. This has happened in the pass because I believe the CMOS battery is not working. In the pass, I just changed the bios settings and everything worked fine.

Well, this time around when I tried changing the CPU FSB/DRAM Ratio to 5/6 to get 400 MHz, it was giving me 240 MHz.

When I tried turning back the computer, it gives me a sound similar to that of an "ambulance", then it turns off. I removed the cpu fan and it looks like the attached picture. Not sure if this is the problem, but it had been working fine for awhile.

Appreciate, if you guys/girls can give me some advice on what might be wrong.