I have a Dell 9150 desktop PC from 2006. All sounds from the speaker have completely cut out.

This PC has been upgraded to Windows 7 which knocked out the original onboard sound and so a sound card, an Asus xonar D1 was put in December 2010.

Now, today, there is no output, over the past week, sound has been going one minute and then back again and one speaker at one time was only working till i took a look and then it came back. I have tried a second set of USB speakers, and headphones today and still nothing.

I can see the volume in the taskbar moving, as well as settings in sound in the Control Panel or green and moving. So I can see sound files are playing I just can't hear them.

I have tried looking online for answers but people are not specific or they are related to other sound issues.

The only two things I have done new and noticed recently are:

1. I have bought Dragon 12 speech software. Have installed and using it for the last two weeks. I am actually dictating all of this using it so I know sound input is working.

2. Sound stopped working in one speaker on one day during the last week, or stop working at all until I rebooted which may have come back or sometimes would leave overnight come back and it would be working again the next day. So there may be some sort of underlying issue. However its now off.

There are no yellow warning symbols in device manager for sound. No other warning symbols or issues I can detect. I have done a couple of system restores and still nothing, sound is going in just not not heard coming out. I have even tried to reinstall the sound drivers and still nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.