Fumbles Launch of 12 Days of Deals
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Thread: Fumbles Launch of 12 Days of Deals

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    It isn't difficult to find positive press coverage of today's $99 door buster deal for a Dell tablet at as well as retail locations. MS managed to get people to queue in line for the deal at their stores. They sold out in minutes.

    The lone exception to this positive coverage is on Twitter where people are complaining that the site wouldn't load, froze, left full shopping carts with no way to checkout, and was otherwise nonfunctional. I saw this myself as I tried to load the site during the sale.

    Microsoft says they had an unprecedeted response to the sale. That is a bit like saying, "Sorry our site didn't work, but there were just too many people tying to buy our cool stuff." That would work for a pet store, but not a technology company. I call BS. The site buckled under the load and I dont think that should happen to a technology company.

    This is just another of many stumbles for the tech giant. I am surprised the anti-MS crowd hasn't run with this. I have always been a bit of a MS fan myself. I have a Nokia Lumia if that isnt proof enough. I think I have finally had enough. I guess this is the last straw for me. I can't defend or support these people any longer.
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