A question about the TNT2 war
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Thread: A question about the TNT2 war

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    A question about the TNT2 war

    Hello all:
    I am looking for a TNT2 card, but have been killing my self over which should i go with the ultra or non-ultra... then i saw the creative labs ultra tnt2... and a price point of 187 dollars... So I went ahead and ordered one.. and now of course i am on back order.. =) then today i read this article on www.sharkyextreme.com which totally ripped the ultra creative card a part. I was wondering should i go ahead and cancel my order? Is this card really that bad? if so what version of the card should i go with. I was really hoping to spend less than $200 bucks on this, should i just go and by a regular tnt2 now, and save myself the grief? Any sugestions woulb be great!
    Randy Schapel

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    ankerson Guest
    I wouldn't get the CL card, get one of the others. I like the Diamond cards, but it is my opinion. You could get the standard TNT-2 and overclock it to ultra speed very easy.

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