I just returned home after a 2month trip away. My computer was unplugged from the wall while I left. When I am at home my computer is left on 24/7, I rarely turn it off.

I plugged it back into the UPS and fire it up, no problems. About a hour later, I noticed my computer had restarted, but was stuck at BIOS saying no BOOT device/OS was found. I went into BIOS and low and behold, my SSD was missing. I turned the computer off, powered it back up, and voila, the SSD was there.

This has now happened almost 3 times since I've been back home (I've been home for 2.5 days now). Could my SSD be failing?

I have a OCZ-Vertex SSD (yes it's old), which was once already RMA'd by OCZ in Nov 2010 (good luck getting that done now :P)

I've run SSDlife Free and it shows my health being at 98%.