AMD 980G Chipset & AMD's next socket
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Thread: AMD 980G Chipset & AMD's next socket

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    AMD 980G Chipset & AMD's next socket

    I'm confused by AMD's web site that proudly details the amazing benefits of using their integrated 980G chipset ( It is part of their newest Series 9 chipsets and is the only part of the series that has integrated video. However, you can't buy a motherboard with this chipset. It isn't listed as an option on or even AMD's own online store.

    I searched and searched only to find that Lenovo once sold a desktop PC with the 980G. Their M77 came with your choice of a Phenom II X2 or Athlon II X2. It would be a really nice PC for your average business user. Specs are here:

    Some further digging shows that Lenovo used a Planar motherboard (so much for buying one yourself):

    A smart fella over on Anandtech's forums posted a potential answer to the question of where the 980G disappeared to. You can read it here:

    The basics are that the 980G got lost in the shuffle between getting out the new Series 9 chipsets for the AM3+ gamers and the FM1-based A-Series APU's for those looking for integrated graphics. The 880G is still around, meets the needs of the market, and AMD will likely continue to milk it for all it is worth. After that, you go FM2 or AM3+ with a different chipset.

    This takes us to the future of AMD. Tom's Hardware posted a roadmap update earlier this year and we've since seen AM3+ and FM2 ship. Anyway, it is here:,21912.html

    What's next? I really don't think AMD knows. They've had a rough go of it lately and changes in management haven't produced anything yet. What do you folks think?
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