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    New Windows 7 feature in KB 2852386 reclaims wasted space on your C: drive

    Microsoft's new patch lets you clean up Windows bloat from earlier patches and quickly reclaim 1GB to 3GB of space

    Think of the WinSxS folder as a Windows elephants' graveyard. When Microsoft patches Windows, it sticks the obsolete versions of earlier files and their settings in the WinSxS folder -- typically C:\Windows\WinSxS. That way, if you want to roll back a patch, Windows Update can pull out a previous version of your machine's programs and settings, then restore them properly...

    Full story available at InfoWorld,
    Click HERE
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    Thanks for the heads up, removed around 3GB of cruft on my system
    (edit: 7GB on my other one This is a must-run if you have an 128GB or less SSD)

    I stopped using the Windows Disk Cleaner since I discovered CCleaner, but I might start using it again for that feature.
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