Why can't I do surveys
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Thread: Why can't I do surveys

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    Why can't I do surveys

    Surveys are just as common as captcha in Internet and are important as well. For many purposes surveys are used in Internet but me I am not able to do any surveys why is this? I have tried many ways and refreshed so that I could do this surveys in order to download files but have been unable to do this. Today too I tried to do a survey on paid surveys at home so that I could download swift shader but was unable to do this too like always. So, can anyone tell me why can't I do surveys. Is it because of country or is this the fault of my internet or pc or ISP.

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    What happens/doesn't happen when you try to do a survey?

    Which browser are you using and have you tried a different one?
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    Dare I say that doing surveys of the type I think you may be attempting might well be phishing traps.


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