Existing HDD with three partitions (one active) from a conventional BIOS to a UEFI based BIOS
The 1st partition is only 10GB. I want to double it for Win7 (no games, non O/S files are stored outside the active partition. I don't need any more room). The 2nd & 3rd are storage that I want to keep. The extra 10GB would come from the 2nd partition.

Switching from a conventional BIOS to UHCI, is that any problem for non active partitions as far as loosing data and having accessibility?

I have been using EaseUS & Partition Manager, but neither will allow me to resize an existing HDD's partition without wiping the entire drive. I haven't tried GParted yet.

I'm looking for a program that I can boot from. Input?

(I hope that made sense, ask if it didn't)