I wasn't sure where to put this, but here is the situation (read closely);

New AMD 970 based MB w/ USB mouse & keyboard (legacy USB is enabled)
Ok while in the O/S
Ok while in the UEFI BIOS
Ok while using Partition Manager boot disc (not the only example)
Not Ok while using GParted boot disc (one example, but there was another program where this behavior existed)
I am using a USB KVM switch (I haven't tried it without. With a nForce 570 chipset it works fine)

Within two seconds (or so) after I see the main screen, I loose response with the keyboard. I also notice the countdown stops at 29 seconds which seems to tell me the program isn't responding, not just the input device. I tried the current version and a oldser vesrsion version using a CD and a USB stick and the same thing.

Partition Manager works fine with mouse & keyboard.

Any ideas?