I did a previous thread and followed some leads there but it is STILL there.

I don't know what (or if) I should pursue any further.

a check for updates shows

"No important updates"

The Update history shows 9/12/13

which were several Security updates for Office 2007 suites

Another (showing update of 9/11) was for Microsoft Office 2010

I've never used Office and so far as I know never installed it.

The computer came with Word STARTER and that has worked for my needs.

After this update that destroyed access to Word Starter with a
commercial to subscirbe to Office for $99 per year, I downloaded
OPEN OFFICE and it works fine.

But all previous PPS viewer and docs created with Word Starter are
oranged out and bring up the requirement to subscribe.

I still have Word Starter (at least it shows on my taskbar) and
it works but no docs associate automatically with it like they
used to.

QUESTION: Can I uninstall that mysteriously installed Microsoft Office 2010
without damaging what I still DO have?

I've disabled ALL Microsoft updates!