TNT V3400 Detonator 1.88 Help
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Thread: TNT V3400 Detonator 1.88 Help

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    TNT V3400 Detonator 1.88 Help

    I setup the Detonator 1.88 on a Asus V3400 Tnt, when launching Quake II or III I would get an error. It shows the Nvopengl.dll as being a problem...

    I have a Amd k6-2 350, Asus P5a-b & Asus V3400. Directx6 was installed and the latest version of Detonator 1.88.

    Could some advise me on solving this? Thank you.

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    Do you mean opengl.dll??

    I can help you with that one, but the 'Nv'in
    front of it..never heard of it.

    You may have a missing file in the windows directory which the computer couldn't find it.

    Remember the new driver contain some serious bugs which I have reported to Nvidia and it turned out that hundred users have reported it too.

    I've installed my older driver which seems to solve the problem. Try it and see if the driver is the cause of the problem.



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